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White NYPD Cop Called ‘Kardashian Chick’ Awarded $190K

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Eric Sanders, Esq., of The Sanders Firm, P.C., announces NYPD Police Officer Vanessa Weinbel has settled her legal claims against former direct supervisor Rasheena S. Huffman after alleging she subjected her to a humiliating campaign of racial and gender discrimination


NEW YORK, September 13, 2021 – Today, more than two years after alleging Huffman subjected her to a humiliating campaign of racial and gender discrimination, Weinbel announces the settlement of her federal civil rights lawsuit. Huffman will contribute $7,000 and the City $183,000.

Ms. Weinbel alleges that on or about July 1, 2016, while working inside of Police Service Area No.: 9, in the Roll Call Office, her direct supervisor Huffman (African-American) told her, she looks like a ‘Kardashian Chic’ and that’s why Black men like her.

According to the lawsuit, that from on or about July 1, 2016, through May 1, 2018, almost daily Huffman subjected her to similar racially and sexually offensive comments.

In one incident, according to the lawsuit, Huffman told Weinbel, “A White man stabbed a Black person just for being black and the only thing they hate worse than Black people are interracial relationships. They’re tired of seeing Black men with white women. So, you should consider yourself lucky because you probably would’ve been shot up first.”

In other incidents, Huffman told Weinbell, that: Black men date White women because they’re submissive, Black men date White women because they’ll remain loyal even if beaten and Black men date White women because they’ll remain loyal even if cheated upon.

“Today, Ms. Weinbel is relieved this matter is finally resolved. This is a reminder that, her civil rights are no less important because she’s Caucasian,” said lawyer Eric Sanders.


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