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The Sanders Firm, P.C.: We Believe in Clients’ Rights

The Sanders Firm, P.C., which serves clients in the greater New York City area, upholds and embraces the New York State Bar Association’s Statement of Client’s Rights. This statement outlines 10 basic rights possessed by every law client. These rights are an essential part of every Attorney-Client relationship, as they assure clients’ that they will be respected, informed, and listened to by the person representing them. Below we consider some aspects of the NYSBA’s Statement of Clients Rights.

Communication is Essential

Communication is an important and essential part of any Attorney-Client relationship. Our clients at The Sanders Firm, P.C. are kept informed in a timely manner of any developments in their case. We always work to answer any questions and address all concerns quickly and as thoroughly as possible. We always treat every client with the utmost respect.

Fees for Services

The Statement of Client’s Rights for those seeking legal representation in New York observes that, “You are entitled to be charged a reasonable fees and expenses and to have your lawyer explain before or within a reasonable time after the commencement of the representation how the fees and expenses will be computed and the manner and frequency of billing.”

At The Sanders Firm, P.C., we are committed to charging our clients’ in a manner that is in every way fair and equitable. We always make sure that our clients’ are completely informed regarding any charges and fees, and we strive to make our billing process clear and concise.

Competent and Diligent Representation

Every client of The Sanders Firm, P.C. is guaranteed that their attorney will handle their “legal matter competently and diligently.” We are completely dedicated to each client that we represent. We will always act ethically and professionally on your behalf and will make every effort to ensure that you receive justice.

Your Civil Rights

Although we handle a range of cases, our primary area of the law is civil rights. We’re focused in this area because we have a keen interest and abiding passion for this important aspect of our free society. We understand that those who have had their rights violated are exceptionally vulnerable and require an attorney who is sensitive to their experience.

The NYSBA’S Statement of Client’s Rights addresses this in many ways, including in the various rights we have discussed above. However, we feel that we go well beyond the basic rights as stipulated by the NYSBA. We have a personal investment in your civil rights and freedoms and in each of our clients.

Your Rights and Privileges

Amongst all of the law firms in New York handling civil rights cases, The Sanders Firm, P.C. has worked hard to become the premiere firm. We feel that one thing that differentiates us from the others is the passion we bring to each case. That passion translates into a commitment to seeing that your case is handled in the best way possible with the primary goal always being justice for each and every one of our clients. For more information on our firm or if you require legal representation contact us. The Sanders Firm, P.C. will be your voice for justice.