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NYC Parks Employee Arrested for ‘Hangman’s Noose’ Incident

Back doll hanging from noose

The NYPD arrested New York City Parks Department employee Fariz Ahmemulic, 28, yesterday afternoon in connection with the December 20, 2011 ‘Hangman’s Noose‘ incident.

Mr. Ahmemulic is being charged with aggravated harassment as a hate crime. He is to be arraigned later tonight in Bronx Criminal Court.  The case is scheduled to be brought before the Grand Jury on Tuesday. Three witnesses, including the client Mr. Anthony Crum who found the ‘Hangman’s Noose‘ are expected to testify in connection with Mr. Ahmemulic’s arrest.

“My client is glad the District Attorney did the right thing because hate crimes against African Americans and other people of color are not laughing matters,” said Mr. Crum’s attorney Eric Sanders this afternoon.

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