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Bronx Parks ‘Hangman’s Noose’ Victim Files $15 Million Dollar Notice to Sue

Posted on January 6, 2012- by

Anthony Crum says working at the New York City Parks Department is no walk in the park.

The claim alleges that on December 20, 2011, around 0830 hours, Crum, a dark skinned male, part Shinnecock and Blackfoot Indian, found a dark skinned Black doll hanging by its neck with a chain replicating a “Hangman’s Noose” in the garage at One Bronx River Parkway (Ranaqua, Bronx Parks Headquarters). Crum, startled and shocked, sought advice from a colleague. After speaking with a high level member of the Bronx management team, they headed to the garage.

Crum says that this incident has left him emotionally shaken because of the nature of the Mr. Ahmemulic’s racially offensive conduct, the management’s lack of response to his conduct and the fact that this type of behavior has occurred in the past and it has never been effectively dealt with.

“The management woefully failed to protect Mr. Crum’s Civil Rights by failing to take appropriate action to discipline offending employees or stop further discriminatory behavior in the workplace” Eric Sanders says.

“Their actions are particularly egregious because the Parks Department and its employees apparently have not learned anything from its past acts of Civil Rights violations, that is unfortunate,” Sanders says.

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