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Brooklyn Federal Jury Awards ‘Beaten and Falsely Arrested’ Black NYPD Cop $15 Million

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NEW YORK, February 3, 2016 – Today, after five long years and having his complaints of police brutality completely ignored, a Brooklyn federal jury has awarded a Black NYPD officer $15 million dollars, concluding he was brutally beaten and falsely arrested inside and outside his Queens home.

Larry Jackson contended throughout the trial, although race as a claim was dismissed earlier by the Court, White police officers – who responded to a 911 call from his fiancé about a gun-wielding man who tried to crash their daughter’s birthday party – mistreated him after identifying himself.

Jackson claims he was ‘choked’ beaten with police batons, kicked and doused with pepper spray after he identified himself to the White police officers in August 2011. He sustained a fracture to his shooting hand, nerve damage, and other related injuries and will likely have to file for a disability retirement, according to the lawsuit filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

After listening to evidence and legal arguments from both sides over two weeks, a Brooklyn federal jury awarded Jackson $12.5 million in compensatory damages and $2.6 million in punitive damages. Since the Court dismissed the City of New York, the individual officers are liable for the damages.

“Today, the jury spoke loud and clear about the Department’s ‘dirty little secret.’ The jury did what the Department and the Queens District Attorney’s Office refused to do, hold these ‘out of control’ officers’ ‘legally accountable,’” said lawyer Eric Sanders.


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