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The Carey Family Files Notice to Sue In Shooting Death of Miriam Carey

Miriam Carey


NEW YORK, January 30, 2014 – Today, after months of “utter” silence by government officials as well as an exhaustive review of all publicly available data, the Carey Family has concluded the shooting of Miriam Iris Carey was “NOT JUSTIFIED” and has filed a federal administrative notice of claim to sue the United States of America; the United States Secret Service – Uniform Division and United States Capitol Police.

Valarie Carey, who is representing the interests of the Carey Family, filed a wrongful death claim against the two government agencies seeking $75 million dollars on behalf of The Estate of Miriam Iris Carey, Mother Idella Carey and minor child EF to compensate them for their great loss of a daughter, mother, friend and confidant.

“While the United States Department of Justice continues with its criminal and civil rights investigation, the Carey Family calls for immediate identification and termination of all police officer, supervisors, managers and other related employees involved in this matter who failed to order the immediate termination of pursuing Miriam and failed to establish firearms control; thereby, collectively causing the avoidable death of Miriam,” says Eric Sanders.

“Unless they are seriously considering criminal charges in Miriam’s case, quite frankly after several months, department policies relating to investigative car stops, vehicle pursuits, use of force, etc., should have been analyzed and applied to Miriam’s case for release to the public. These public disclosures are absolutely necessary because Miriam’s death unfolded right before the international community via live television,” says Sanders.

“The United States Congress using its legislative powers must investigate Miriam’s death. It is in the public’s interest to ensure our government acted responsibly not only from a criminal or a civil perspective but from an internal agency perspective. It is also in the public’s interest avoid a similar tragedy in the future,” says Valarie.

“The framers of the United States Constitution through the Bill of Rights ensured our basic natural rights codified as human rights, would forever be so important. Somehow, the Bill of Rights did not apply to Miriam. Miriam’s life did not seem to be so important. Thus far, Miriam’s death is being treated as simple ‘collateral damage’ in the government’s zeal to protect itself from ‘Terrorism.’ We need to change that thought process because personal legacies are not more important than human life. The framers of the United States Constitution fought for, died for and demanded it. We should expect no different in today’s society either,” says Sanders

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