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Silent Protest for the Shooting Death of Miriam Carey

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NEW YORK, September 30, 2014 – Last year on October 3, 2013 Miriam Iris Carey was shot and killed by unknown members of the United States Capitol Police and United States Secret Service – Uniformed Division. Miriam was a law abiding citizen, an unarmed woman traveling with her 13 month baby in the car. For facts unknown to this day, Miriam was inexplicably shot five (5) times from back to front, including once to the left side of her head. Thus far, there has not been ‘full disclosure’ of the investigation performed under the auspices of the United States Attorney General Eric H. Holder’s office. Despite the fact that Miriam was unarmed and did not commit any crime in the District of Columbia, the United States Attorney General’s Office felt there was not enough evidence to prove the officers WILLFULLY killed Miriam.

On Friday, October 3, 2014, the Carey family will be holding a silent protest with a butterfly release at the Garfield Memorial in Washington D.C.

Staging begins at 12 Noon. The staging location will be the Garfield Memorial Circle.

The Silent Protest begins at 1 PM SHARP

This will be a PEACEFUL and SILENT gathering. Our presence alone will speak VOLUMES!

Let your PRESENCE be known and STAND with the Carey family.

Ms. Idella Carey, Miriam’s mother, sisters of Miriam Iris Carey along with other family members, friends, interested members of the community and the family’s attorney Eric Sanders, Esq. , of The Sanders Firm, P.C., will be attending.

At 2:15 PM we will call the name of Miriam five (5) times. For each bullet wound Miriam endured, while calling her name, we will release a butterfly.

Earlier this year, the Carey Family filed an amended wrongful death claim against the United States Capitol Police and United States Secret Service – Uniformed Division seeking $150 million dollars on behalf of The Estate of Miriam Iris Carey, Mother Idella Carey and minor child EF to compensate them for their great loss of a daughter, mother, friend and confidant.


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