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Race Discrimination in Employment

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Yes, despite persistent denials race discrimination is a significant problem in the workplace. Race discrimination occurs when supervisors, colleagues or even third-party associates of theirs treat employees or applicants unfavorably due to their race

Race as a category, although inherently illogical, generally relates to a persons’ ancestral origin. Race discrimination can occur in the workplace if race was a motivating factor in the decision-making process that intentionally or disparately impacts on hiring, posting, training, retaining, promoting, or even the compensation of an employee or applicant due to their race.

According to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), in 2011, the agency received 35,395 race-based charges of discrimination. During that same time period, the EEOC was able to recover $83.3 million from employers as restitution for the charging parties. The recovery does not include and damages awarded as a result of court litigation.
Although race discrimination is prohibited by law, employers are still struggling to eliminate such practices within the workplace. To this day, employees or applicants are still subjected to race discrimination.  In particular, African-Americans and Hispanics bear the brunt of the racial hostility in the workplace. Although to a lesser degree, Asians and other minorities are not excluded from being subjected to racial hostility as well. Others have been subjected to racial hostility based upon whom they associate with through marriage, friendships, membership organizations, etc.

Beyond the physical attributes, there are other traits that are identified with – or stereotypes and assumptions made based upon the person’s race. These practices run afoul of the law.

If you feel that you’ve been the victim of race discrimination, or would like to have an attorney review your documents to ensure that your rights are protected, contact the New York Race Discrimination Lawyer at The Sanders Firm, P.C., today.

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