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Mom Says NYPD Cop and DV Victim DID NOT Teach Daughter to Say the N-Word

Ms. Delinda Giraldo

For Immediate Release

The Mother of Child In A Stolen Family Video Illegally Posted to Social Media Lashes Out Against the New York Daily News, Other News Outlets and Social Media Posters For Publishing Fake News Stories Attempting to Depict NYPD Cop and DV Victim Delinda Giraldo As Racist

New York, NY, July 19, 2017 – The mother of a small child filmed more than 9 years ago in Florida speaking in a stolen family video blasted the New York Daily News saying New York’s hometown paper never contacted her to verify their facts before publishing a series of fake news stories maliciously portraying a NYPD Cop and DV Victim Delinda Giraldo as teaching her daughter how to say the N-word.

On July 18, 2017, in a terse E-mail sent to Civil Rights Attorney Eric Sanders and shared with the New York Daily News and the New York City Police Department Internal Affairs Bureau, the mom also contacted several other media outlets and social media posters. The mom threatened legal action against the hometown paper, other media outlets and social media posters for publishing the stolen family video.

The mom also demanded the New York Daily News immediately take down the stories and video.

“In all honesty I don’t even know where to begin without getting worked up,” the mom writes in the E-mail. “I am the mother to 4 beautiful little girls.”

The mom said the New York Daily News should be ashamed of itself for the fake news reporting, and its “shamming” coverage of Delinda Gilrado, a Domestic Violence Victim.

“That little girl on that video that you guys published without my permission happens to be my daughter,” the mom writes to Sanders. “That video that has been blasted all over the news was a private video taken years ago in the comfort of my house when my daughter’s cousin (Giraldo) not niece came down for vacation to visit her.”

Sanders represent Giraldo, who was suspended on July 5, 2017, without pay by the New York City Police Department brass based on the New York Daily News coverage of the stolen family videos illegally published to the hometown paper’s website.

On July 5, 2017, Sanders filed a $100 million dollar Notice of Claim with the New York City Comptroller’s Office against the City of New York alleging Giraldo suffered mental anguish, pain, and suffering when police brass wrongfully suspended her without pay based on the fake news accounts.

On July 9, 2017, a second $50 million dollar Notice of Claim filed by Sanders against the City of New York demanding Giraldo’s immediate reinstatement. The second Notice of Claim also alleges a police cover-up and calls for an independent investigation.

The second Notice of Claim also demands the NYPD to suspend and take immediate action against Police Officer Michael Martinez who is under investigation in Bronx, New York and Orange counties for Domestic Violence against Giraldo.

And, the immediate suspension of NYPD Detective Raul Rodriguez for failing to report the alleged domestic abuse to the Internal Affairs Bureau after Giraldo confided in him for help.

The New York Daily News published in a series of stories that Giraldo was coaching or teaching the child to say the N-word.

But, the mom said the hometown paper’s portrayal of Giraldo’s interaction with her daughter is false.

The mom told Sanders in the E-mail that all the adults in the room immediately reacted after hearing her daughter utter something. And, asked her to repeat it to make sure she WAS NOT uttering the N-word.

The mom says she spoke with her daughter immediately as any responsible parent would do to make sure she was not using inappropriate language. And so did her cousin, Giraldo.

“There was music playing. We were catching up talking, and out of nowhere, my little girl said the word Nega. I addressed her about it and her cousin Delinda Giraldo addressed her about it too. Delinda and myself asked her what did you just say? Delinda asked her to say it again because we both wanted to make sure we heard what we heard come out of her mouth.”

“She (Giraldo) was not applauding her or teaching her like you guys want to make it seem,” the mom writes to Sanders. “In no way shape or form will Delinda ever teach my daughter anything racist or slang or bad words or anything in that shape or form.”

The mom writes that Giraldo is a person of outstanding character and integrity who would never do anything to harm her daughter.

“I’ve known Delinda Giraldo before she went into the military,” the mom writes. “The relationship she has with my daughter is beyond explainable. The fact that she is being shamed in this matter is unbelievable. You have published my private video, my private memories without authorization. I demand these videos to be taken down. Delinda Giraldo never published these videos. They were never meant to be public. They were private family memories.”

The mom said that she believes, it was “her domestic violence abuser” that published the video in a way of shaming Delinda.

“You [The New York Daily News] are enabling an abuser to further humiliate a victim of domestic violence,” the mom told Sanders in the E-mail. “It amazes me how you’re willing to publish such a fake story just for ratings at the expense of me my daughter and Delinda.”

Again, the mom reiterated she is so angry about the fake news story she is considering taking legal action against the hometown paper.

“You are here by on notice I will be taking legal action against you guys for taking my stolen family private video and making it public,” the mom writes. “Oh and for the record my daughter skin color is white but my skin Color is not. Goes to show how thirsty you are for a story. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

“Prior to publishing the news stories, the New York Daily News were warned their stories are false, the private videos were stolen and not posted by Ms. Giraldo but, arrogantly published the news stories anyway. The other media outlets and social media posters arrogantly published the same false information. The Department suspended Ms. Giraldo based upon the false news stories of the New York Daily News. Although not required, we have now provided the New York Daily News, other media outlets, social media posters and the Department with more than ample evidence proving these stories are false, the private videos were stolen and not posted by Ms. Giraldo but they have yet to make her whole. We intend to hold all parties accountable,” says Sanders.


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