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Culture of Government Corruption Damaging Business, Club Owner Sues

Love Lust establishment


New York Civil Rights Lawyer Eric Sanders, Esq., of The Sanders Firm, P.C., announces the filing of a $125 Million Notice of Claim challenging the culture of government corruption against Club Love and Lust

New York, May 22, 2018, – KB Venture Group, LLC d/b/a Club Love and Lust through owner Imran A, Jairam allege after performing some market research, the decision was made to invest in 225 47th Street Brooklyn, N.Y. 11220.

According to the claim, Jairam alleges the under served target market are people (primarily persons of color) culturally connected to the hip-hop community with more than $500 billion in discretionary income to spend upon entertainment. The under served target market includes celebrities from the sports, media and entertainment industries.

In October 2014, Jairam opened Club Love and Lust for business.

Shortly thereafter Jairam claims, the City of New York through NYPD 72 Precinct Special Operations Lieutenant William Meyer and New York State Liquor Authority Investigator Charles A. Stravalle began the campaign of harassment to close the business due to he, the patrons and other stakeholders race and/or national origin.

According to the claim, the City of New York through Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill, Patrol Borough Brooklyn South Assistant Chief Steven M. Powers, Commanding Officer 72 Precinct Deputy Inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez, Meyer and Stravalle subjected he, the patrons and other stakeholders to unlawful ‘selective enforcement’ activities despite a previous ruling in Sulkowska v. City of New York, et al., 129 F.Supp. 2d 274 (S.D.N.Y. January 24, 2001), due to their race and/or national origin.

Jairam claims, this is a citywide problem affecting other On Premises (OP) license holders too.

In November 2016, after discontinuing a business relationship with Elite Investigations Ltd., it made ‘false’ allegations to the NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau claiming the club paid for police protection, according to the claim.

Shortly thereafter, the City of New York through O’Neill, Powers, Gonzalez, Meyer, other police personnel in conspiracy with Elite Investigations and Stravalle began issuing ‘false’ violations, ‘false’ summonses, engaged in ‘false’ arrests, legally baseless stop and frisks, ‘unlawful’ Business Inspections and other unlawful ‘selective enforcement’ activities based upon the race and/or national origin of he, the patrons and other stakeholders.

Throughout this time period, several complaints about the ‘selective enforcement’ were filed with the City of New York, O’Neill, Powers and Gonzalez.

Meanwhile, according to the claim, Gonzalez attempted to secure several personal ‘benefits’ from Jairam including 11 ‘free’ roundtrip tickets on charter flights to Puerto Rico and a generator for family member or friend Dr. Oscar Caban Badillo, MD 486 Ave Victoria Aguadilla, PR 00603.
On October 1, 2017, Jairam sponsored a hurricane relief fund raising event to benefit the people of Puerto Rico.

On October 4, 2017, Jairam claims while still taking ‘selective enforcement’ actions against he, the patrons and other stakeholders, Gonzalez requested that they deliver a generator for family member or friend Dr. Oscar Caban Badillo, MD 486 Ave Victoria Aguadilla, PR 00603.

Shortly thereafter, Gonzalez requested 11 ‘free’ roundtrip tickets on charter flights to Puerto Rico, a fair market value of approximately $80k, according to the claim.

Jairam considered both of Gonzalez’s requests even connected him via conference call to a well-known artist but, ultimately denied them.

On April 24, 2018, apparently concerned with the level of ‘selective enforcement’ Brooklyn Community Board No.: 7, gave Jairam a letter which reads in part, “My community was very concerned when this business opened several years ago as Jaguars 3 (Red Leopard) and, at the beginning, there were community complaints about the activities of the patrons and how the business operated. However, in the past four years our office has received no complaints about the operation of the business nor the behavior of the patrons. In fact, we have record of only a few quality of life complaints in the immediate vicinity and none have identified Love and Lust as the progenitor of these complaints.”

“They’re trying to beat him into oblivion,” Eric Sanders
said. “Right now, the culture of governmental corruption is trying to infiltrate this legitimate business. I’m going to stop them in their tracks.”


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