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NYPD v. Police Officer Maria Diaz-Leon

NYPD police car

On or about June 30, 2008, the Department Advocate’s Office charged Police Officer Maria Diaz-Leon with the following allegations of misconduct: Police Officer Maria Diaz-Leon, assigned to the 23rd Precinct, while off-duty, on or about October 19, 2007, in Bronx County engaged in conduct prejudicial to the good order, efficiency or discipline of the Department, to wit: said Police Officer engaged in a verbal and physical altercation with an individual, identity known to this Department.

On March 30, 2011, after a trial on the merits, the Honorable John Grappone recommended that Police Officer Maria Diaz-Leon be found ‘Not Guilty.’
On December 20, 2011, Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly approved of the Honorable John Grappone’s recommendation and found Police Officer Maria Diaz-Leon ‘Not Guilty.’

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