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Female NYPD Officer Says Line of Duty Treatment Unlawfully Denied

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Eric Sanders, Esq., of The Sanders Firm, P.C., has announced that NYPD police officer, Nancy Farrell, filed a charge of discrimination with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission [EEOC] against the police department of the City of New York. Farrell alleges disability and gender discrimination, hostile work environment and retaliation


NEW YORK – December 8, 2023, – Farrell alleges that she sustained significant injuries to both her knees, as well as several other related injuries, after she and another officer were effecting an arrest of a perpetrator on a subway platform in April 2023. After the arrest, Farrell was transported from the scene to a nearby hospital and, based on the findings from initial x-rays, she was referred to seek additional medical attention for knee and shoulder injuries. Farrell claims she met with a Department Surgeon at the Special Medical District shortly thereafter but was not approved to seek care from an orthopedic specialist until early May, during which time her medical condition deteriorated.

Farrell claims she ultimately had to use a rollator because walking became a hazard due to the extent of her knee and related injuries. Under the treatment of an independent orthopedic specialist, it was suggested that she not return to full duty work. Despite her medical limitations and against the advice from her treating physician, the Department Surgeon recommended her return to work in a Limited Capacity. In fact, shortly thereafter, Farrell claims she was scheduled for firearms recertification although her medical limitations and prescribed medications made that impossible. These ‘blatant’ actions were taken without regard for her need for special accommodations in violation of the ADA, according to Farrell.

In August 2023, Farrell sought treatment from a second independent orthopedic specialist who recommended she be put on 100% disability until further notice due to the severity of her injuries, pain and lack of mobility. Once again, Farrell claims counter to independent professional medical advice, a Department Surgeon recommended that she return to work in a Limited Capacity. A Department Surgeon also informed Farrell at this time that her requests for medical coverage would be denied and she would need to seek coverage from her personal health insurance carrier for continued treatment because the physical deterioration she continued to experience was not sustained in the line of duty.

During this period, Farrell requested accommodations on several occasions due to her limited mobility, medications prescribed by her treating physicians, concern for personal safety while driving or traveling on public transportation. These pleas were repeatedly ignored and then ultimately denied. In fact, Farrell alleges that in that timeframe she was also transferred to a less convenient assignment, that made it even more difficult for her in terms of travel and scheduling necessary medical appointments, in an act of blatant retaliation.

“The continual refusal of the medical staff assigned to the Special Medical District and the management of Transit District No.: 33, to recognize her medical limitations and provide her with critical medical care and other accommodations for injuries sustained in the line of duty is not only callous, but also in direct violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, said Eric Sanders.

As a result, Farrell alleges filed a Charge of Discrimination against the City of New York naming Anthony Maniscalco, Saila De Tore, James Sullivan, Kimberly Motto, Gregory Mackie and Julio Meyreles, as actors violating the ADA.

The Charge of Discrimination [Charge No.: 520-2024-01623] was filed with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on December 08, 2023.


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New York Civil Rights Lawyer Eric Sanders, Esq., of The Sanders Firm, P.C., has a proven track record of fighting injustice and discrimination. With over 19 years of experience, Mr. Sanders has successfully litigated civil rights cases involving law enforcement agencies. The firm holds these institutions accountable and pushes for meaningful reforms to promote equal opportunity. Over the years, Mr. Sanders has secured millions of dollars in compensatory damages for clients alleging discrimination and other violations of civil rights.


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EEOC Charge of Discrimination 

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