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British Are Coming to Fight Cancer; an Officer Is Cleared

2 women with thier certificates

At 10 a.m. Tuesday, the fatal shooting of a day laborer by Officer Dawn Ortiz of the New York City police more than two years ago endured some of its final public moments in a quiet courtroom at Police Headquarters. Now, the departmental lawyer said the circumstances had been reviewed. And she said she was moving to dismiss the internal charges against Officer Ortiz, recommending instead that she receive retraining on the nature of such encounters.

Eric Sanders, a lawyer for Officer Archie, said that in the internal trial against her, a conference had been scheduled for Friday.

“They are talking about dismissing, but I won’t know until Friday what they really want to do because it seems that they are changing their position,” Mr. Sanders said. “The policy was on the officers’ side the entire time, as is the law, and this is a waste of time and money.”
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