Eric, has proven to be professional, knowledgeable and dedicated to helping all people. He is tried, tested and proven to go the extra mile to assist those seeking justice and fair representation.

~ Kimberly

Highly recommended… I hired Eric Sanders to represent my interests during two separate NYPD department trials and a discrimination lawsuit. He exceeded my expectations…

~ Derek

Eric Sanders is a former law enforcement official who is a passionate, committed and knowledgeable attorney with the tenacity to get the job done.

~ Willie

Excellent attorney, he knows his stuff I hired him for myself, as well as my daughter. He was great in getting the information to us in a timely fashion. We won the case, just how he said it would go.

~ Doreen

We Embrace Representing the Unpopular Client or Cause

“Lawyers assert legal positions. In a criminal trial, we challenge the fairness of the procedures, that the accused has not been mistreated and that the government has met its burden of proof throughout the process. In a civil action, we challenge the fairness of the procedures, that the litigants are afforded an opportunity to settle their grievances. These safeguards are codified in the Constitution. Here at The Sanders Firm P.C., we enthusiastically embrace the ethical obligation to ensure that justice is there for the innocent and the guilty, the sympathetic as well as the unsympathetic.”

Eric Sanders, Esq.


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