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Black Ex-Ramapo Cop Files $75 Million Discrimination Claim

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NEW YORK, June 28, 2016 – New York Civil Rights Attorney Eric Sanders, Esq., of The Sanders Firm, P.C., representing Former Ramapo Police Officer Yolanda D. Tyson announces the filing of a $75 Million Dollar Notice to Sue the Town of Ramapo for race and gender discrimination.


Yolanda D. Tyson, the Claimant, self identifies as an African-American Female, and formerly employed as a police officer with the Town of Ramapo.

According to Ms. Tyson’s filing, since February 2006, the Town of Ramapo through its police management and town governing board openly and unfairly treats its officers differently based upon their race and gender in the terms and conditions of employment including salary, overtime, lateral movements, promotions, benefits policies and discipline. In particular, Respondents’ the Town of Ramapo; Christopher P. St. Lawrence; Yitzchok Ullman; Samuel Tress; Brendel Charles; Patrick J. Withers; Brad R. Weidel; Peter F. Brower and Thomas Cokeley either received actual or constructive notice such practices are occurring in the workplace and either condone, acquiesce or promote such discriminatory animus and misconduct within the Police Department, Town of Ramapo.

Over the years, Ms. Tyson claims, Town officials received actual or constructive notice Caucasian officers particularly males were treated more favorably with respect to awarding General Municipal Law 207-c (GML 207-c) benefits. Ms. Tyson further claims, Caucasian officers are never carried ‘Regular Sick’ and afforded the opportunity to ‘stay at home’ some for periods of more than ten (10) years or received ‘light duty’ assignments., nor terminated under Civil Service Law Section 71.

Ms. Tyson claims after sustaining injuries in a department vehicle accident, she was constantly harassed and ultimately terminated under Civil Service Law Section 71, for challenging being denied GML 207-c benefits as similarly situated Caucasian officers.

“In their political haste, they apparently forgot Ms. Tyson have legal rights. The facts, unfortunately for them, Ms. Tyson served honorably with the NYPD and Ramapo Police Departments for more than twelve (12) years. She and other police officers of color deserve equal treatment under the law. Ms. Tyson intends to hold these public officials accountable.” Eric Sanders says.

Former Ramapo Police Officer Yolanda D. Tyson filed her Notice of Claim with the Town of Ramapo on June 27, 2016.


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