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Troy Police Officer Claims Race Discrimination

Posted on July 12, 2011- by

On the force since 2004 Troy patrolman Anthony Conyers says he’s been passed over for promotion twice because of the color of his skin.

In 2010 Conyers took the civil service Exam to be sergeant and he says he scored higher than anyone else but didn’t get the job.

When the position of sergeant came open a second time, again he says his score was better than everyone.

“The first time I didn’t say anything” says Conyers. “I let the cards lay where they land. The second time around I felt I had to speak up about it because I think it’s wrong and not fair.”

“In the two hundred plus year history of the Troy Police Department a minority has never been promoted to sergeant” says Sanders. ” There is no logical reason to pass him over. He’s number one on the list and he has no impediments. It makes no logical sense how is it that you have no qualified minority at this point in the 200 some odd history, it just makes no sense. Only leads me to believe as an attorney using some logic that maybe there is a pattern of discriminatory hiring practices.”

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