Ronald Goodman v. The New York City Health & Hospitals Corporation, et al. EDNY 11 cv 00317

Ronald Goodman alleges that since early 2005 defendant HHC through defendants’ IRIS R. JIMINEZ-HERNANDEZ; RICHARD GALARZA; MICHELLE J. EMMONS and others engaged in a concerted effort to have him terminated because he challenged unfair labor practices at the Woodhull Medical and Mental Hygiene Center as well as the unsafe security procedures in the workplace, they were motivated by his race. Goodman alleges that Hispanic police officers received preferential treatment with respect to discipline.

Goodman alleges that on or about January 17, 2008 defendant RICHARD GALARZA was arrested in a joint operation conducted by the Police Department City of New York and the New York State Department of Insurance along with 60 other criminal defendants’ for engaging in insurance fraud. Plaintiff alleges that such an arrest seriously calls into question the credibility of defendant RICHARD GALARZA’S statements against him including the courtroom testimony in both of the OATH cases against him. Goodman alleges that despite this important development with a central witness against him defendant HHC through defendant IRIS R. JIMINEZ-HERNANDEZ simply discounted the impact on his case and terminated him anyway. Meanwhile, a Hispanic female police had her charges dismissed because of defendant RICHARD GALARZA’S arrest.

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