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Freedom of religion is an important aspect of our civil rights; at The Sanders Firm, P.C. in New York City our lawyers are poised to help ensure your rights regarding religion, which are guaranteed by the United States Constitution, are preserved. Freedom of religion is a right granted in the First Amendment. Specifically the amendment states that Congress shall not make any law “respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” In those eleven words, everyone in the United States was granted the right to worship in the manner they choose.

What Are Our Rights?

By declaring that there would be no state religion, the founding fathers in essence gave individuals the freedom to believe what they wanted to believe. Thus, each of us has the right to worship or nor worship at the religious house of our choice. Additionally, by stating that the federal government could not establish a state religion, the First Amendment immediately created what is referred to as the separation of church and state, keeping any official religion out of the governmental structure.

The fact that the government could not under the First Amendment prohibit one’s decision to feely exercise their religion also had wide sweeping ramifications. It meant that people of all religions emigrated to the U.S., bringing their religion and religious practices with them. In turn, this created the most diverse nation on Earth, as over time religions from every part of the world were transplanted to the U.S. and are practiced in our country today. But it has also created situations in which those with differing religious views have faced and still do experience discrimination.

Religious Discrimination and Your Civil Rights

At The Sanders Firm, P.C., we consider any discrimination related to one’s freedom of religion to be an extremely serious issue. Under federal law, religious discrimination is illegal in the United States. That means that people cannot be excluded from jobs, housing, schools, and other areas and aspects of our society due to their religious beliefs. In addition, people cannot be denied equal protection of the law as guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment because they are a member of a certain religion.

As it is with other aspects of our society, those with different points of view, including religious beliefs and practices, are afforded the same rights and privileges as others. That is the case in theory. However, religious discrimination is still an important issue. It demands vigilance.

Your Civil Rights

If you live in the metro New York area and you’ve experienced a violation of your civil rights due to religious discrimination, call The Sanders Firm, P.C. We are passionate about defending those who have been persecuted and discriminated against. The Sanders Firm, P.C. will be your voice for justice. At The Sanders Firm, P.C., we never take any of our right for granted. They are too important.



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