NYPD Officer: The Department Covered-up ‘Bias Attack’ Against Me


New York Civil Rights Lawyer Eric Sanders, Esq., of The Sanders Firm, P.C., alleges in a $5 million complaint that Police Officer Josue’ Kavanagh was subjected to an internal unwarranted ‘bias attack’ and the Department did nothing about it

New York, NY, March 2, 2018 — Police Officer Josue’ Kavanagh of the 83rd Precinct Summons Unit claims he and other officers of color charge the Department, Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill and Deputy Chief Jeffrey D. Maddrey with participating, condoning and or acquiescing to the acts of primarily Caucasian officers, supervisors and their agents with intentionally obstructing, impairing, and perverting their ability to administer the equal application of law and related governmental functions due to their race.

Kavanagh claims, the aforementioned acts include but not limited to acts of assault, property damage, ostracization and unfair discipline.

Kavanagh claims, whenever he or other officers of color complain about their ability to administer the equal application of law and related governmental functions due to their race, the Department, O’Neill, Maddrey and their agents respond with further acts of intimidation, ostracization and unfair discipline.

On November 14, 2017, while assigned to the 83rd Precinct Summons Unit, Kavanagh claims he was told by Police Officer Stacy McCarten-Wollack (Caucasian Female) that Patrolman’s Benevolent Association “B” Delegate Police Officer Joseph Nuzzo (Caucasian Male) had enough of him issuing traffic summonses to motorists in possession of PBA cards and threatened to give them his work location and personal cellular number so that they can ‘physically confront him.’

Kavanagh claims, on or about December 31, 2017, around 2100 hours, with the intent to intimidate him using race as a factor, while inside of the Male Locker-room preparing for court, Police Officer Joseph Dionisi (Caucasian Male) tossed an explosive device believed to be a firecracker near him which exploded while Police Officer Patrick Daddino (Caucasian Male) recorded the event on his personal cellular telephone. Both respondents laughed, then left the area. Kavanagh accuses Dionisi of committing the acts of Burglary in the second degree, Assault in the second degree, Reckless endangerment in the second degree and unlawfully dealing with fireworks and dangerous fireworks, one or more of these acts constitute hate crimes as defined under the New York State Penal Law and Daddino of committing the acts of Burglary in the second degree and Conspiracy in the fourth degree as defined under the New York State Penal Law. Kavanagh claims, having no avenue to complain he left the 83rd Precinct without reporting Dionisi and Daddino’s conduct.

Several hours later, on or about January 1, 2018, Kavanagh claims he called the 83rd Precinct and reported Dionisi and Daddino’s conduct to the Assistant Integrity Control Officer Sergeant Angel Ramos (Hispanic Male). Shortly thereafter, Kavanagh claims he received a call from Executive Officer Captain Hugo Dominguez (Hispanic Male). Kavanagh was directed to report to the 83rd Precinct.

Upon his arrival at the 83rd Precinct, Kavanagh claims he met with Commanding Officer Deputy Inspector Sergio Centa; Dominguez; Ramos and investigators assigned from Patrol Borough Brooklyn North under the authority of Deputy Chief Maddrey. Kavanagh claims the Department; Police Commissioner O’Neill; Deputy Chief Maddrey; Centa; Dominguez and Ramos intentionally failed to establish a crime scene to coverup the hate crimes of Dionisi and Daddino.

Kavanagh claims, after reporting Dionisi and Daddidino’s conduct to Centa; Dominguez; Ramos and investigators assigned from Patrol Borough Brooklyn North under the authority of Maddrey, Ramos transported him to Wyckoff Heights Medical Center. Kavanagh claims he was diagnosed with tinnitus. Shortly thereafter, Kavanagh learned his request for Line of Duty designation was denied

Kavanagh claims, on or about January 25, 2018, Sergeant Khalil Binsafar directed him to attend a meeting with Nuzzo. During the meeting, Kavanagh claims, Binsafar said, “You guys, meaning he and his partner Police Officer Dwayne Thomas, are not writing enough summonses.” Kavanagh further claims, Binsafar told them, Centa wanted them to write eight (8) summonses per day.

After the meeting between February 1, 2018 through February 15, 2018, Binsafar and Ramos imposed the aforementioned daily summons requirements aka ‘quotas’ upon them under threat of changing their tours. Shortly thereafter, after failing to meet the quota, Centa and Binsafar changed their tours.

Kavanagh claims, on or about February 22, 2018, he was granted a safety transfer to the 113th Precinct.

“This disgraceful criminal conduct must result in the immediate arrest, suspension and termination of Dionis and Daddino. Needless to say, other employees should be severely disciplined for covering-up their conduct,” says Eric Sanders.

Eric Sanders, Esq., of The Sanders Firm, P.C., filed the Notice of Claim with New York City Comptroller’s Office on March 2, 2018.


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