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NYPD Officer Monty Green Files Notice to Sue City for $25 Million Dollars

Posted on February 15, 2012- by


Police Officer Monty Green alleges that on or before January 13, 2012, unknown member(s) of the Internal Affairs Bureau or other command within the Police Department City of New York illegally, with malice intentionally leaked internal documents from a confidential biased internal investigation alleging that he is a PIMP COP, engaged in other criminal activities and/or serious misconduct.  Officer Green alleges that this illegal leak, improperly disclosed confidential police personnel and investigative records to be re-published through the public domain.  Officer Green alleges that the final analysis and conclusions of the confidential biased internal investigation are the result of the continuous pattern and practice of racial animus implemented by personnel assigned to the Internal Affairs Bureau, Department Advocate’s Office, First Deputy Commissioner and the Police Commissioner’s Office when investigating allegations of criminal and/or serious misconduct against police officers of color.

Officer Green alleges that an objective view of the entire investigative file would lead one to conclude that he is not a PIMP, has not engaged in any criminal conduct or for that matter has not engaged in any serious misconduct.  Officer Green alleges that such illegal leak was designed to intentionally damage his reputation as an active Dominican Male officer in the law enforcement community as well as the community at large.  Officer Green alleges that such illegal leak was designed to feed racial stereotypes that persist in the Police Department City of New York as well as the community at large that “All Black males are criminals.”  Based upon this leaked information, Officer Green has been vilified in the print and television media, blogs and the like throughout the world.  Officer Green alleges that since these allegations arose, he has been modified and assigned to a non-enforcement post in the Fleet Services Division significantly impacting his growth opportunities within the Police Department City of New York.  Officer Green is forced to work with Caucasian Male officers that were arrested and in some convicted of serious crimes involving threats to the public safety such as robberies, sexual assaults, conspiracy to distribute drugs, federal racketeering and the like.

Officer Green alleges that while assigned to this non-enforcement post, he has been further subjected to racial animus by police officers and/or other police personnel who openly display “Hangman’s Nooses, the reading of “Nazi” materials and other racially objectionable depictions such as a “statue of a guy with an afro and a ‘Hangman’s Noose over his head” and the like.  The management is well aware of this openly racist conduct as such displays are open and notorious throughout the Department facility.

Officer Green alleges that his commanding officer Vincent LaRusso openly admitted to his subordinate supervisors that he is lowering Officer Green’s performance evaluation from 4.0 to 3.0 based upon directions from above, meaning One Police Plaza.  Officer Green alleges that the above-mentioned conduct is causing him emotional distress.

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