NYPD Officer Files ‘Suit’ Alleging Assault Cover-Up


New York Civil Rights Lawyer Eric Sanders, Esq., of The Sanders Firm, P.C., alleges in a federal lawsuit filing that Police Officer Warner Gomez was assaulted by another police officer and it was covered-up by police management

New York, September 24, 2015 – According to the lawsuit, on March 22, 2014, Police Officer Warner Gomez alleges he and his partner Police Officer Esteban Abreu along with Police Officers Jacy Reese and Adelekete used physical force to restrain an EDP, where Police Officer Gomez discharged his OC Spray during the course of the restraint. The other officers accidentally received some of the OC discharge. The EDP was eventually transported to Harlem Hospital.

Later that evening, Police Officer Reese called Police Officer Gomez’s partner Police Officer Abreu on his personal cellphone to retrieve his handcuffs which were utilized to restrain the EDP. Police Officer Gomez along with his partner Police Officer Abreu met with Police Officers Reese and Adelekete near the corner of West 135th Street and 5th Avenue. Police Officer Reese told Police Officer Abreu his partner Police Officer Adelekete wanted to speak with him as a ruse. Unbeknownst to him at the time, Police Officer Adelekete did not want to speak with Police Officer Abreu; she called him over as a distraction.

All of a sudden, Police Officer Reese now standing outside of the passenger side of the police vehicle where Police Officer Gomez was seated, pulled out his Department issued OC Spray, intentionally discharging it directly into Police Officer Gomez’s eye’s less than three (3) feet away simultaneously taunting him “Do you think it’s funny to spray other officers’?” Police Officer Gomez received injuries to the inside and outside of his eyes. Police Officer Gomez notified the Patrol Supervisor Sergeant Robyn Kreppel but, she never reported the incident.

Meanwhile, Police Officer Abreu notified the Desk Officer Sergeant Jose’ Carabllo, who notified the Internal Affairs Bureau.

During the preliminary investigation, Police Officer Gomez was warned by PBA Delegate Dadacay he would be labeled a ‘Rat’ for the rest of his career, his partner’s promotion to Sergeant could be in jeopardy, he should just fight it out with Police Officer Reese in the ring and he would be modified and sent to another command. Police Officer Abreu was threatened because he refused to lie about the incident.

After the Internal Affairs Bureau was notified they took no action.

On August 1, 2014, Police Officer Gomez was interviewed by Patrol Borough Manhattan North Investigations personnel where he was discouraged from having Police Officer Reese arrested for assault.

“Well, we just hope Commissioner Bratton stands by his own political rhetoric by terminating this ‘bad apple.’ Unfortunately, the police culture within the NYPD is so brainwashed with this concept of protecting the ‘Blue Wall’ they even cover-up criminal conduct against their own colleagues. Certainly, Police Officer Gomez demands that Police Officer Reese be immediately arrested and suspended without pay for this despicable criminal. Additionally, Police Officer Gomez demands the other employees involved in covering-up this despicable crime be severely disciplined. See matters such as this reinforce the sad reality that there remains no viable meaningful mechanism available to protect the Civil Rights of NYPD employees from corrupt police officers.” Eric Sanders says.

Eric Sanders, Esq., of The Sanders Firm, P.C., filed the federal lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York Docket No.: 15 cv 07524 on September 23, 2015.


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