Female Motorist Files $15 Mil. Notice to Sue NYPD Officer

New York Civil Rights Attorney Eric Sanders, Esq., of The Sanders Firm, P.C., alleges in a $15 million Notice of Claim filing that NYPD Officer Carlos Becker ‘Abused his police authority and violated the public trust’

On March 11, 2013, Police Officer Carlos Becker arrested Claimant Erica Noonan for allegedly Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) in Bronx County.While placing Ms. Noonan into his assigned marked police vehicle, Officer Becker made ‘lewd’ comments about her body and ‘forcibly’ touched her breasts.From the outset, Officer Becker used his police authority to arrest Ms. Noonan, then profess his ‘personal interest’ in her, even offering to assist her with the DWI arrest, obtaining ‘Conditional Driving Privilege’s and giving her a mini shield with his shield number on it for her personal use.

Officer Becker exchanged more than 600 text messages with Ms. Noonan while the criminal case against her was pending, even including some communications while she made court appearances.

On March 24, 2013, after Officer Becker’s persistence, Ms. Noonan agreed to meet with him under the mistaken belief that he was going to ‘help’ her with the DWI arrest and obtaining ‘Conditional Driving Privilege’s.’

Sometime later during the Early Morning hours on March 25, 2013 Ms. Noonan suddenly woke up inside of Officer Becker’s personal residence on his bed.She felt pain in her left eye, immediately noticing that her eye was ‘swollen and blackened.’Officer Becker claimed that she ‘fell.’Officer Becker then drove her home.Once Ms. Noonan arrived at her residence, she called the police.The police were ‘less than helpful.’Ms. Noonan then went by herself to the hospital.During the hospital visit, Ms. Noonan discovered that she sustained further injuries about her body consistent with a ‘sexual assault.’Since then, Officer Becker has essentially stopped all communication with Ms. Noonan.

“Although Ms. Noonan is very embarrassed because her Civil Rights and trust were violated she will not allow Officer Becker’s conduct to shame her into hiding. Ms. Noonan’s Civil Rights meant absolutely nothing to Officer Becker,” Eric Sanders says.

“It is quite evident that Officer Becker’s conduct is illegal and violates the fragile public trust.Officer Becker’s conduct only serves to further alarm, the public, particularly female motorists.The Bronx District Attorney’s Office and the Department must send a swift and strong message to the public that such police misconduct will result in severe punishment,” says Sanders.

Ms. Noonan filed a Notice of Claim with the New York City Comptroller’s Office on June 19, 2013.The Sanders Firm, P.C., is a nationally recognized law firm located in New York, NY, serving clients throughout the five (5) boroughs of the City of New York: Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island as well as Nassau, Orange, Suffolk, and Westchester Counties, focused on cases involving Civil Rights, and Civil Service Law.

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