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Cops should have laid low in 2008 fatal shooting, NYPD lawyer says

Posted on January 12, 2011- by

Two cops facing discipline in the fatal shooting of a crazed man swinging a metal chair should have hid behind the bushes for protection instead of firing, an NYPD lawyer says.

Officers Dawn Ortiz and India Archie were cleared of wrongdoing in 2008 by a police firearms review board soon after the shooting.

“The officer had every right to protect herself in the face of deadly physical force,” Lynch said. “We believe the department made a serious mistake in bringing charges in this case.”

Archie’s lawyer, Eric Sanders, said the public does not want cops to run from threats like cowards. “There’s no obligation to retreat and if that’s what the department wants, there will be anarchy in the street,” he said.

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