A Black Former Director of Security Says the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Corporation Is Racist to Its Core

Anthony C. Quarless says working at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden was no bed of roses.
Quarless, who is African American, said that he started working at the BBGC in June 1982, and was promoted in April 2000 to director of security. When Quarless became the director of security, he endured racially offensive conduct towards him from Caucasian executive staff as well as other employees because he challenged the racially oppressive work atmosphere for him and other members of the Security Department.

The lawsuit alleges that he received far less pay and benefits than his Caucasian Male predecessors’, other Caucasian directors and he did not receive regular pay increases.

Quarless says that he and other African-Americans employees were unfairly disciplined, threatened, received far less pay and benefits and their complaints of discrimination in the workplace were never seriously investigated.

Sanders says that the executive staff routinely violated federal, state, and local laws enacted to protect an individual’s Civil Rights by failing to take appropriate action to discipline offending employees or stop further retaliatory and discriminatory behavior from occurring in the workplace.

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